We Reinvented Reconnecting!


It's time to reconnect and network with kinesiologists from all over the world! We’re renewing our connections and reinventing how we meet up by going online. We long to share, inspire and revitalise each other and our industry.
  • Hear from 15 speakers over 12 presentations*
  • Guaranteed 15 CPE points with your ticket
  • Listen and contribute to a panel discussion about online kinesiology sessions and/or classrooms
  • Ask speakers questions, live after their presentation (and in breakout rooms, where possible)
  • Receive an eJournal containing papers from all speakers
  • Get access to recordings for 12 months after the conference to refresh or catch up on anything you missed
  • Join a live local Saturday night dinner in your area**
  • Pay only $159 (that's less than a textbook, roughly 1-2 client payments and far less than 12 x 1 hour short courses)
  • If you a student or you live/work in Victoria (because most were unable to work for many months due to COVID-19 restrictions last year), pay just $109
  • Save $$, because if you have FOMO (and you will!), you'll be paying $299 for the recordings and eJournal after the conference.
*Program not guaranteed and subject to changes **Australia only; Where possible
Not a 'typical' online conference, we're using Zoom as a meeting where you get to see all delegates from all over the world AND chat with each other and our speakers in 'breakout' rooms, which allow you to gather in smaller groups and chat. 

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  We hope to also see you at our long-awaited Vision2020 face to face conference in October 2021!
For Kinesiologists


Get in early to secure your ticket!

Tickets include:
  • eJournal including protocols from speakers (where applicable)
  • Live Questions & Answers with speakers after their presentation
  • Don't just see the speakers, see your colleagues from all over the world as we embrace technology and provide and encourage a platform for video conferencing for delegates throughout presentations as well as during breaks
  • Access to chat with speakers in breakout rooms (where possible)
  • Complimentary recordings of presentations (minus Q&A; not guaranteed if technical issues arise)
  • Free access to recordings for 12 months after the conference
Delegates outside of Australia: trybooking accepts foreign cards, however you will incur a 1% fee (AU$1.59 max).
Tickets are no longer on sale, however you can purchase the eBook and 11 presentation recordings package for AU$299.
Buy Package
AU $109
(Students and Australian Victorian Practitioners due to 2020 COVID-19 restrictions)
Early Bird
AU $129
(Early bird ended Christmas Eve)
Full Price
AU $159


Friday Evening
Liubov Tugolukova, Russia
AIK Ltd. & AKA Inc. Welcome
Claire Snowdon-Darling & Laura Knowles, UK
Panel discussion - Online/Virtual Kinesiology Sessions and Classrooms:
Hugo Tobar, Lee-Anne MacLeod & Claire Hocking, Australia
(panel discussion not included in recordings)
Zoom Room Drinks (BYO!)
Welcome to Country Ceremony: Rosemary Wanganeen
Keynote Speaker: Marco Rado, Italy
Cherry Whitaker & Tanya Levy, Canada
Alexis Costello, Costa Rica
Ingrid Maine, Australia
Daria Kovalchuk, Ukraine
Network in the breakout rooms for coffee and lunch.
Saturday Night Dinner
Organise a local restaurant and gather all the kinesiologists in your area for a fun night out - together.
Or join us in our breakout rooms instead!
Joan Morton, Ireland
Ian Stubbings, Australia
Claire Hocking, Australia
Julia Poppleton, Australia

Program not guaranteed and subject to changes.

Tickets are no longer available, however you can purchase the eBook and 11 presentation recordings package for AU$299.

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With a line up of speakers from all over the globe, you will be glued to your screen (except, of course, when we lead you with kinesiology-specific movement activities to keep you switched on and engaged!)

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Claire Snowdon-Darling & Laura Knowles
Claire Snowdon-Darling & Laura Knowles

The Overlooked Hormone Interactions at the Root of Most Client's Issues

The Triangle of Hormonal Health is an exciting and innovative new way at looking at how hormones...



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