Although we love to be flexible, we really need to stick to a strict schedule. We hope you can help us by being prompt for deadlines.

First – We Call for Speakers

We (the Online Conference Committee) will advertise, via various channels, for potential speakers to come forward via emails, newsletter, social media, phone calls and other means.

At this stage, you only need an idea of what you would like to present. Complete our online form that captures your synopsis of your potential presentation. Note that your submission requires you to consent to our terms, conditions and guidelines.

Your submission is due 19th December, 2020. After this date, we cannot guarantee acceptance.

Second – We Select Proposals

We will then bring all the potential presentations together to discuss what will be included in the conference, who we will ask to be on standby (in case of technical difficulties, illness etc) and who we will keep in mind for future events. We will take our proposed plan to the AIK Ltd. National Executive and AKA Inc. Management Committee for their approval.

We will let you know the outcome of your submission on or before the 10th January 2021.

Unfortunately, we are unable to enter into further correspondence with unsuccessful applicants.

We will ask you if there are any amendments to your submission and request these amendments within one week of your notification of successful submission.

Third – You Develop Your Paper

Now you need to complete your paper for publishing in our eJournal that will be distributed to all Online Conference delegates. The paper should provide an in-depth explanation of your presentation along with a 200 word abstract. We encourage you to include graphics, photos and robust web links.

We will work with you by editing and refining your work, but we will always give you the final say in any changes.

We need to receive your first draft before 17th January 2021 with the final version to be completed before 31st January 2021.

We do reserve the right not to publish your submission for any reason.

Fourth – We Promote You!

Next, we begin using the information you submitted to us in order to promote you and the Online Conference (if we haven’t already!). We love that we can promote both you and the event at once and hope you can share these promotions within your own networks.

We will create a simple graphic of you using the headshot you provided in your submission form, the social media links you provided in your submission form and also your preferred contact method you nominated in your submission form. We will also use your biography information to promote you in the Conference eJournal and in various other mediums such as our website, magazines and social media. It may look something like this:

Because we are offering a great deal of marketing for you, and because presentation time is so precious and limited, we ask that you free up your presentation time for content only and do not promote your business or product during your presentation. We can, however, mention any upcoming courses or services you wish to promote for you at the end of your presentation. Please let us know if you would like to do this and what you would like mentioned.

If you have ideas of ways we can promote you further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Last – You Practice, Then Present!

We will get in contact with you to organise a practice session (together with other speakers) so we can fine tune your environment for optimal professional delivery.

Then… You do what you do best and present!