Alexis Costello


The Guardian Organ

In recent years we have begun to better understand the huge impact the guts have over neurotransmitter production, learning, and disorders previously thought to originate within the brain and nervous system.
In this presentation we will work with the microbiota as a far-flung organ system in the body that can affect mood, emotion and psychology. Exploring this concept by looking at the energetic physiology of the microbiota I will present simple ways to balance this as we would for any other organ system in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
This presentation includes a demonstration and a balance that delegates can use right away.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Alexis is a wine-loving, chocolate-eating, barefoot-gardening, show-tune-singing, mother of dragons using specialised kinesiology to make the world a better place. Creator of the GEMS workshops, Chief Operational Officer of SIPS International, TFH Trainer and publisher of KinesioGeek Magazine. Alexis spends all of her time reading about, writing about, teaching and practising specialised kinesiology and is thrilled if anyone is willing to join her.

Marco Rado

Integrative Physiology, Applied Physiology, Fascial Release

Connective Tissue and the Living Matrix

New Technique! The Connective Tissue – Living Matrix is a continuous and dynamic network, which extends to every corner or body space.

In practice, when you touch a human body you are touching a continuously interconnected system composed of virtually all the molecules in the body linked together in an intricate network.

The properties of the entire network depend on the activities of all the integrated components. Effects on one part of the system can propagate throughout the system, reaching every cell or every molecule.

The energetic properties of the Living Matrix explains the existence of the Meridians and their relationship with the Muscles/Organs. Marco includes a protocol to use too.

Lombardia, Italy

With a background in physiotherapy, Marco began his kinesiology journey 28 years ago, utilising many modalities, in particular, Applied Physiology. With a passion for TCM and manual therapies, in 2003, he began writing his own courses, integrating western science and traditional eastern medicine. Marco is a respected international course author and trainer, teaching in all 5 continents, he has developed 12 different classes that goes under the name of Integrative Physiology.

Claire Snowdon-Darling and Laura Knowles

Functional Kinesiology, Touch For Health, Systematic Kinesiology

The Overlooked Hormone Interactions At The Root Of Most Client’s Issues

The Triangle of Hormonal Health is an exciting and innovative new way at looking at how hormones are at the root of the global health crisis today. So many conditions such as gut issues and autoimmune diseases are merely “victims” of imbalance in this interplay. This new research is the foundation behind the brand new kinesiology modality “Functional Kinesiology” which fuses cutting edge functional nutrition research with tried and tested kinesiological testing methods and correction techniques. The corrections are made across all four “realms”: The biochemical, electrical, emotional and structural, making it truly effective, relevant and credible, in a world where the medical world is under resourced and over subscribed. We will present this exciting approach including the triangle and how the hormonal interplay works with kinesiology and when imbalanced creates the perfect storm for conditions such as IBS, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and menstrual cycle issues. 

Hampshire, United Kingdom

Claire Snowdon-Darling and Laura Knowles are the visionary founders of Balanced Wellness and The College Of Functional Kinesiology. They are also the hosts of the popular podcast “Consciously Healthy”. Having spent many years in clinic, working with thousands of clients and tutoring hundreds of students they are passionate about bringing their message about empowered health to a wider audience. Unusually for complimentary therapists, Laura and Claire’s work has attracted attention from the medical community and they have lectured to many Doctors and Consultants about their approach and methods. Their approachable, humourous style is educational, informative and inspiring.

Ingrid Maine

PKP, Touch for health, OT, Research

Reconnecting kinesiologists with peer reviewed research

Is academic research important for kinesiologists and the future of the profession?
What are the common study designs and how do you discern the quality of the research you read?
What is involved in research suitable for publishing in a journal and where do you start if you want to conduct research ?
What does the current peer reviewed literature on kinesiology tell us?
Ingrid will explore these questions demonstrating use of a quality assessment tool, how to wade through the internet effectively and refer to the research she conducted at the University of Melbourne.

Victoria, Australia

Ingrid has been a kinesiologist since 1994 and has worked in both Australia and the U.K. She has completed the Touch for Health teacher training, the ICPKP Faculty trainings and taught the ICPKP syllabus. She was part of the AIK national committee from 2012-2014 including the AIK conference planning committee and recently been part of the Natural Therapies Tranche 2 working party for AIK and AKA.

Ingrid is also a buddhist practitioner with many years of teaching meditation, running courses and retreats. She has recently completed the LIFE compassionate communication course with Robert Gonzales and is passionate about using this to complement her kinesiology practice. She currently runs a kinesiology practice from her home in Melbourne and works as an occupational therapist. Over the last three years she completed a Master in Clinical Research which included conducting a qualitative research study on clients’ experiences of kinesiology.

Julia Poppleton

Counselling Kinesiology, Chinese 5 Elements and Meridians for Kinesiology

Soul Modes for Kinesiology

Soul Modes kinesiology is a unique discovery of the hidden magic that resides inside all women. It teaches clients to honour their natural energetic nature and tune into themselves deeply in order to truly thrive. Women the world over are fighting against their motivational tide, rather than riding their own waves. 

Soul modes Kinesiology sets the framework for a new way of working with clients. It encourages them to be proactive in their own growth and understanding. Soul modes will show clients how to cultivate radical new levels of self-care, self-love, self-awareness and as a result self-efficacy. 

Soul modes kinesiology aligns beautifully with the Chinese meridians and elements and it as easy way to explain why the women we see in our clinics can feel like they ride an emotional and motivational roller-coaster. This information sets them free and allows them to educate the people close to them as to what they need and desire to live a life congruent with their true self.

The four soul modes cycle in order and thus can be predicted and planned for. It is literally hacking your own energy cycle and using it to its full potential.

Victoria, Australia

Julia is a Counselling Kinesiologist located in bayside Melbourne who has a passion for working on the emotional and spiritual aspects of kinesiology. She loves to help families gain a deeper understanding of why they are the way they are and how to see each other through a new lens in order to create a beautiful balance of challenge and support in their relationships. Julia works in a client centred manner always getting her clients to find their own deeper meaning of what comes to the forefront of their session to promote self-efficacy and to give the tools to strengthen her clients to move forwards.

Hugo Tobar

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology

New South Wales, Australia

Hugo Tobar is the founder of ‘Neuroenergetic Kinesiology’ (NK), one of the world’s most modern streams of kinesiology. Hugo’s career has spanned over two decades. In that time he has developed 89 courses, authored 105 kinesiology publications, presented at 41 major kinesiology conferences and taught over 20,000 hours of kinesiology worldwide.

In 2004 Hugo established the NK Institute, an Australian Registered Training Organisation, which provides the opportunity for students to study NK within government accredited kinesiology courses, here in Australia. NK Institute offers qualifications in foundational training, through to Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma level. Hugo’s work is as diverse as it is profound – he is renowned not only for his unparalleled understanding of the brain and nervous system, but for his in-depth knowledge of the ancient eastern philosophies, the modern concepts of psychology and the latest research in human physiology, biochemistry and nutrition. As Hugo says… “the power is in making the unknown known”.

Claire Hocking

Educational Kinesiology

General Indications of Active Unintegrated Primitive Reflexes in Clinical Practice

Active retained reflexes are often the underlying cause of many common observations and areas of concern in clinical practice.

Claire will discuss her kinesiology and retained primitive reflex experience in relation to difficulties with:

  • Touching (sensory dysfunction)
  • Muscle testing
  • Some of the Brain Gym movements

Many common retained reflexes will be discussed including the:

  • Fear Paralysis reflex
  • Moro reflex
  • Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex
  • Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex.

Victoria, Australia

Claire Hocking is one of Australia’s leading Educational Kinesiologists and Director of the Whole Brain Kinesiology Centre where she consults privately with people of all ages. With nearly thirty years of experience, Claire regularly uses kinesiology in schools, aged care facilities and health centres.

Claire specialises in researching the link between retained early uterine and primitive reflexes and learning, behavioural and wellbeing difficulties, including ADD/ADHD, dyslexia and autism (ASD), special needs, mental health, and ageing. As a certified instructor, Claire teaches many of Educational Kinesiology courses including Brain Gym 101, Sensory Integration, Vision Circles, Optimal Brain Organisation and her own ‘Retained Primitive Reflexes and Their Effect on Learning, Behaviour & Wellbeing’ workshop around Australia and internationally.

Daria Kovalchuk

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology

Working with PsychoEmotional Trauma in Kinesiology

What is psycho-emotional trauma and how is it provoked? How do past traumatic experiences work in our physical and energetic body, psyche and consciousness? What mechanisms form the traumatic experience form the Soul and the development of your personality?

Trauma may occur at the level of:

  • Trauma of individual development
  • Trauma of socio-cultural development
  • Trauma of the origin and development of life on earth

The main philosophical idea of our work is to release stress from various levels of “frozen” traumatic experiences of the Soul. This enables the Soul to develop freely, gain new experiences and evolve to higher levels of freedom and self-determination.

The Soul’s experiences determine the peculiarities of the individual’s development of their personality. Going through a number of key stages ripens the core of their personality.
Each stage is characterised by its own age and its actual needs, which must be mastered.

Through the development of key needs, the child receives the necessary resources, which form the foundation for a mature personality.

We will analyse the mechanisms of the passage of the stages of individual development and the mechanisms of the formation of trauma of individual development.

We will analyse 8 key stages of development, 8 dominant needs and associated programs and the 16 possible patterns that form the structure of the personality.

Finally I will show you a Psycho-emotional protocol for working with Trauma.

Kiev, Ukraine

Daria holds a Master of Psychology and has been a University teacher of psychology for 5 years as well as completing postgraduate study in psychology. Daria is a teacher of bodymind therapy and psychosomatics, teacher of Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Basic Program and Advanced courses and is Director of the Institute of Neuroenergetic Kinesiology in Ukraine and the Baltic States. Daria is also the author of courses for Kinesiologists including Psychoemotional Trauma Balancing 1,2,3 (Trauma of Individual development, Trauma of Soul, Psychosomatic in Trauma) and Psychology for Kinesiology.

Ian Stubbings

Stress Indicator Point System (SIPS)

How your Brain Cleans Itself & Why Sleep Really Does Matter

The brain, as part of the central nervous system has blood vessels, but for decades has been thought to lack lymphatic vessels, as they have never been found, until now. Researchers discovered a virtual river of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) cleansing the brain of waste while we sleep. Astrocyte glial cells play a leading role in the brain’s rinse cycle by creating a flume of channels for CSF to flow along. The researchers called this fluid network the “Glymphatic System” with respect to both the glial cells and the systems functional similarity to the lymphatic system.

The newly discovered system circulates CSF to every corner of the brain much more efficiently, through what scientists call bulk flow or convection. “It’s as if the brain has two garbage haulers – a slow one that we’ve known about, and a fast one that we’ve just met… Given the high rate of metabolism in the brain, and it’s exquisite sensitivity, it’s not surprising that its mechanisms to rid itself of waste are more specialised and extensive than previously realised.” While the previously discovered system works more like a trickle, percolating CSF through brain tissue, the new system is under pressure, pushing large volumes of CSF through the brain each day to carry waste away more forcefully.

The glymphatic system is like a layer of piping that surrounds the brain’s existing blood vessels. CSF is pumped in via channels alongside arteries, washes through the brain tissues and at the other end is collected along with the waste products into similar channels along veins to drain from the brain. The fluid then is either recycled  returning to the subarachnoid space, enters the bloodstream or eventually drains into the body’s lymphatic system.

Researchers, using new imaging technology have since discovered a novel lymphatic vessel network hidden within the meningeal linings of the brain, described as the Duramater Lymphatic System. Fluid from the glymphatic system was also found to flow into the duramater lymphatic drainage network. Research has discovered the brain and CNS undergoes constant immune surveillance via attendant immune cells associated with the brain lymphatic system. Now clearly no longer seen as the sole domain of microglia cells.

Three novel magnificent recent research discoveries: The Glymphatic SystemThe Brain Lymphatic System and The Brain Immune System.

Victoria, Australia

Ian Stubbings is the founder of SIPS Kinesiology Pty Ltd, an especially profound form of bio-energetic therapy. It works wonderfully as a stand-alone system or integrated with any other form of kinesiology. Ian is especially grateful and humbled by people’s response to his lifetime’s work. Charles Krebs was energised by the results of SIPS in his clinic and has been a great advocate introducing SIPS 1 & 2 to other parts of the world.

“The SIPS Method has truly changed the way I work, adding power, efficiency and depth to all my balances.” – Dr. Charles T. Krebs

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Ian graduated with a Bachelor of Business in 1976, attained his Customs Brokers licence and worked in the family Customs Brokers business for 33 years until January 2011. Due to his son David’s inability to read a single word at the age of 7, Ian found kinesiology in 1990. Instantly he became fascinated observing Dr Charles Krebs and Susan McCrossin work with his son.

TFH classes in 1990 and Applied Physiology with Charles through 1991 stimulated Ian’s creativity, resulting in the development of the very innovative Stress Indicator Point System – SIPS in April 1992. Alfred Schatz then invited Ian to present SIPS at the IAK – Germany in 1999. Following this surprise invitation, Ian travelled every year presenting SIPS at the IAK in Germany and the IBK in Belgium. Wonderful feedback from many students was the reward that motivated Ian to continue to research, develop and present new levels of SIPS. Once clear of the family business, Ian has also travelled to present SIPS in Austria, Holland and Canada over many years.

The Stress Indicator Point System represents a progressive cohesive stream of kinesiology training in both a theoretical and a practical sense, encompassing the wholistic levels of our being. SIPS is unique in its own right.

Joan Morton

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Intuitive Animal Healer

Healing for Stressed Animals

A presentation of kinesiology for animals with amazing results of before and after videos, photos of horses, dogs and cattle and a short demo of how Joan works with animals in Ireland and Europe.

Animals are now family pets, but millions of years ago they roamed the land freely. Their brains haven’t changed over the years and in every family pet there is still a wild animal. I am going to take you through the animal kingdom and show you how stress affects these beautiful animals. In particular I will look at;

  • A stallion named Hawk with a behavioural issue.
  • Second Burst a thoroughbred mare with an infertility issue. 
  • A Gun Dog Toby with a brain injury who was able to walk after one session with me.
  • Blondie the show Bullock who had a muscle injury three days before a top show and sale.
  • Loki an Irish Wolf hound with an eating disorder. 

Northern Ireland

Joan is an Intuitive Healer and Kinesiologist practicing for 16 years with both people and animals, having found kinesiology 20 years ago through back pain. She has taught many students Reiki healing and Touch for Health. Joan has studied for many years with Hugo Tobar in person. She has been an NK Institute Instructor and Sponsor in Ireland for the last 10 years and is an NK board member. She very passionate about animals and has always wanted to strived to make their lives better. After many years of searching for the right course on animal healing she has now wrote her own Ani Energetics and is teaching students in Ireland the basics of healing and animal care including deep connection with the animal on a spiritual level with deep healing on the physical body.

Liubov Tugolukova

Transforming DNA, Return to Love, Kinergetics, LEAP

Safety and Professional Risks when Working as a Kinesiologist

How safe is the work of a kinesiologist? What aspects do you pay attention to in order to maintain your physical and mental health at 100%?

There are certain features of the physiology of each body of our organism (physical, etheric, mental, astral and spiritual). Each of these has its own needs, which are necessary for healthy functioning and thus preserving the health of the kinesiologist at 100% for all levels and dimensions.

Is it possible to track factors that affect the organism of the kinesiologist? Factors which put their health at risk, up to and including death?

Why do we often see the results of our work on ourselves at the level of subtle bodies, while the illness at the physical level remains the same or even worsens?

Does the work of a kinesiologist with the client affect the family members of the kinesiologist, particularly their children?Liubov will try to answer all the above questions, relying on the energy physiology of our body, personal experience and observation of the work of other colleagues. She will offer her own mini-protocol for preventing the development of professional risks what to focus on for a kinesiologist.

Krasnodarskiji Kraji, Russia

Liubov is an Endocrinologist from a family of doctors, wife of a General Practitioner and mother of 3 children, a practicing kinesiologist-psychologist, an official representive and instructor of Sylvia Marina’s methods in Russia (Transforming DNA, Return to Love). Liubov is also an Instructor of Brain Formatting, Reset and LEAP 1 and the Director of the Centre of Practice Psychology and Kinesiology in Krasnodar (Russia).

While Liubov was studying medicine her two week old daughter had serious health issues requiring a lot of attention and at 6 months she began searching for alternatives to heal her daughters issues. From age four her daughter received kinesiology balances and now she has no more serious health problems.

She completed her first kinesiology modality, Three in One Concepts in 2012. From there she began to organise international kinesiology seminars and opened a centre in Krasnodar. She started training to teach kinesiology in 2014, and from 2015 she began mentoring where she shared her experience and best practices. Today Liubov runs the Centre and balances clients, with her favourite work being correcting somatic problems of different complexities. Liubov is grateful to kinesiology for restoring the health of her children and relatives, and for the wonderful results it provides for herself and her clients.

Tanya Levy & Cherry Whitaker

Touch for Health (TFH), Therapeutic Touch (TT)

Potentiate Healing: Centering with Earth Energies

The tools Tanya and Cherry will demonstrate come from the protocol for Therapeutic Touch and potentiate the healing of all interactions with our clients as an adjunct to all care taking practices.

These are amazing self care tools as well, for better health for all care takers, all people involved with energy balancing, or the medical field. All energy work has the potential to create powerful transitions for the energy provider as well as for the Healing Partner (client) Practice of the centering, grounding and use of intentions helps to create the opening for increasing potentials for transitions focused on the Healing Partner.

Partnering with the earth’s field widens that portal even more, increasing the potentials of healing us and the earth’s resonant field. Science has shown us that we are in constant communication with the Earth’s Energy Field and using intentions makes it an intentional connection which can assist with healing the earth as we simultaneously create healing opportunities for our Healing Partners and ourselves.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Cherry is a family person who lives on a small farm acreage in Nova Scotia Canada. Therapeutic Touch® became an integral part of her life in January of 1997 when, as an immediate passion, it has focused her ever since on energy healing modalities focussed on the intention of bringing balance into the life of clients.

Cherry integrates it into the Martial Arts she does, has used it as a teacher with students who are reluctant learners in the school system and also volunteers in the Palliative Care unit in the local hospital. A teacher since 2002 Cherry (with Tanya) is very pleased to bring two of the integral components of each Therapeutic Touch session into the webinar Potentiate Healing which make great adjuncts to all Touch for Health Sessions and great self care practices.

Tanya is a counsellor, an educator, a writer, a digital artist. She is a Touch For Health level 3 (2018) and has also practiced Therapeutic Touch since 2013 and is a member of CanBeWell where she sits on the webinar committee.  She has worked in the human services field for 30 years and uses Therapeutic Touch centering and grounding techniques in her daily work with students. She is passionate and a strong advocate for the healing power of each individual’s own learning journey.

Lee-Anne MacLeod

Touch For Health (TFH), Edu-K, LEAP, Integrated Healing, NLP, Integrative Sports Therapy, Neuro-K (NK), Natural Quantum Healing

Western Australia, Australia

Lee-Anne’s 30 years of clinical work, training, love of research, innovation and passion for learning, led her to travelling around the world, seeking out and training firsthand, with the forefathers of kinesiology and a number of other therapy modalities. Whilst running her own clinic full time, she became Chairperson/President of the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) four terms, President of Brain Gym Australia (BGA) and is currently the Vice President of The International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK). She has also received 3 National and 1 International Industry Awards for her dedication and work in kinesiology and is a fellow member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Association (ATMS). Lee-Anne is a ‘sought after,’ world class speaker and trainer recognised at the highest levels. Being an AKA Registered Kinesiology Specialist Practitioner – Level 6, Lee-Anne’s passion extends to teaching and sharing her knowledge, that has gently and lovingly developed over 30 years. Creating her own natural ‘kinesiology based’ modalities, that have evolved into coherent, effective, practical and teachable system – for working with babies through to adults, with an extensive and diverse range of issues ranging from simple to the complex and complicated.